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To get listed on there are rules. (Updated 9/3/07)

These rules are here to keep things fair and to give visitors a certain quality. What sites are listed on are ultimately the choice of  We retain the right to refuse to list any site for any reason.


  • Your site should contain information about a gite in France. Your link should point to that information.
  • In order to be listed, you need to link to from your site (your choice of text or banner).
  • The more traffic from your site, the higher you rank.
  • Please don't attempt to generate extra traffic through "tricky" means. We list what we consider as tricky in the complete rules below.


  • You must have a website with information about gites or holiday rental homes for self-catering.
  • You are only allowed to use the approved banners or textlinks from our banner page to link to
  • Your e-mail address must be valid.
  • When editing your account info. the name you give as 'sitename' must be the real name of the site... not a description.
  • ABSOLUTELY NO sites with pop-up consoles, pop-up windows, or full page exit consoles pointing to For example the visible text of a link should contain the words "Gites in France" or "Gites de France".
  • Acceptance of a site with other pop-up consoles and/or full page exit consoles will be soley dependent on how obtrusive we feel it is.
  • If you include more than one link per page, all links must either graphically or textually identify themselves as leading to
  • No auto-navigating to our site. The user must click to go from your site to our site.
  • Any newsletter links must clearly state that you are being taken to our site. No more than one newsletter per week with our link, please. Also, users must be able to easily unsubscribe from newsletters that contain a link to our site.
  • No doorway pages.
  • No hidden frames.
  • No false or circular links.
  • No links on anti-cheat doorway pages.
  • No blind or misleading links.
  • Only send hits from your site.
  • No banner exchanges using your membership code.
  • We will cancel your account if we notice that you're using tricks to generate traffic with the only intention to get a better ranking on For example, no redirected traffic from password sites, TGP submits, fake ../member/index.html pages, spam email, search engine links, hitbots etc.
  • If we don't like your site for whatever reason (too commercial, always down, etc.), you will be removed from the list.
  • Don't lie in your description.


Currently, the Featured Gite is randomly chosen from the members on each page. So even if you're on the last page, you still have a chance to be the Featured Gite as long as you're getting hits!


  • Both textlinks and bannerlinks allowed. Please use banners from our Approved Banners page located here
  • If you created a new (or changed) textlink or banner, please mail me first and let me approve it.
  • You may use as many links to the Featured Gite as you want.
  • I'm always open for suggestions, ideas etc.
  • If you're unsure about things, have questions or ideas, please contact us.