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You want to add your gite to the list? Great!

Make sure that you've read and understand the rules before you sign-up.

You can pop up a window with a correctly completed "Add Your Gite" form if you wish.

Click here to add your Gite

Click the link above to add your site to  Once you've created your account, you will need to link back to our site using the "specific URL" provided in the email sent to you upon completion of signing up. You may use a text link or choose one of our banners to use on your site. You may use as many banners and change them as often as you want.  Don't forget to link back the banner to using the "specific URL" provided in the email sent to you upon completion of signing up. 

NOTE:  If you don't use the correct URL to link to us, your site will not get ranked correctly. Your site must receive at least 1 hit to appear in the rankings.

Example HTML code:

<a href="">
<img src="gdf_logo_large.gif" alt="" border="0"></a>

The Result:

NOTE:  The "XXXX" is an example code in this case, please replace this placeholder with your personal ID provided upon signup.

Please download the banner image to your site and change the above code to reflect where you store the banner on your server; the above example will work if the banner image is placed in the "root" directory on your server. You may place it in any directory on your site, though.

Additional banner choices are located on our banner page.

I hope you figured out the Visitors In and Visitors Out part. If not, see the Question and Answer page. The main thing is, the more visitors you bring to, the higher you end up on the list. If you explore the site for a few days you'll notice that sites ranked higher on the list get more visitors than the ones lower on the list.

99% of the time, there will be more Visitors Out (Visitors from to your site) than Visitors In (Visitors from your site to Choosing a good description will do the trick here.

If you ever want to remove yourself temporary from the list, please contact us. We can suspend your account temporarily until you are ready to receive visitors from again. If you want to be removed permanently from the list, please drop me a quick e-mail so I can keep the database clean and efficient.

If you have any questions about the site, you can always contact us.

P.S. If you forget your password, contact us or use the email reminder instead of creating a new account.