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About this site: We set up this site to help owners of gites in France to get more exposure and more bookings.

Many owners have found that commercial websites charge a lot to advertise gites and do not always produce good results. It is free to add your gite's website to our listings, and always will be.

You need to have a website featuring your gite. The photos and links on our site link to owners' individual websites.

You must put a link on your site to When a visitor clicks on the link, you site gets a vote in the "Votes" column. The more votes, the higher your entry will appear on the listings.

The "Visitors" column shows how many visitors go from to your site.

You will always receive more visitors than you send. Questions & Answers

Question: What is
Answer: is a list of gites in France and holiday rental websites on the net.

Question: What is the difference between and other links pages?
Answer: contains only links to sites that contain selected gites and the sites are ranked by popularity. No more surfing countless pages to find the occasional "good" site. Also, doesn't just allow any site on the list. has strict rules for the listed webmasters.

Question: How much does it cost?
Answer: Nothing. It's free for the visitor and it's free for the webmaster to get listed.

Question: How do I list my site?
Answer: Simple. Click the "Gite Owners: Add Your Website to the List." link on the Main Menu. Then click the "Add your site" link on the Webmaster's Menu and follow the instructions there.

Question: How often are the site statistics updated?
Answer: Site statistics (hits in/hits out) are updated hourly. Once a week we reset the hits to zero, allowing new sites and sites that have made the link more prominent a chance to rank higher during the next week.

Question: How does ranking system work?
Answer: When a webmaster creates an account, he gets an unique URL. If he places this URL on his site, his number of "Votes" increases every time a visitor comes to via that URL. So the more Visitors a site brings to, the higher it will end up on the list.

Question: I signed up and added my site but I'm not listed. Why is that?
Answer: If you can normally login with your account and password, you didn't bring in the required 1 visitor yet (this is set to 0 until the official launch). If you think there is something wrong, check if you are using the correct URL. If you cannot login with your account and password, there was either an error while submitting your link or your account was removed because your site doesn't apply to the rules.

Question: If a site is down for a couple of days, the site no longer shows up on the list. If the site is back, does the webmaster have to open a new account?
Answer: No. Currently, if we notice the site is down for more than a day, we may suspend the account to keep users from attempting to go to an unresponsive link, but the account will still be there. Please e-mail us when it goes back up and we can add the account back into the rankings again.

Question: What's in it for the listed site?
Answer: More targeted visitors. The website is really a way for owners of quality gites to share traffic.

Question: What if I don't have my own website?
Answer: We can direct you to sources which help you make a simple website, or we can make a website for you. Email the Webmaster for more details.